Data Projects

All the projects shown below were completed at Publicis New York


Publicis Music Network: In a company-wide survey, employees submitted their top four favorites bands or musicians. Results were revealed in a company-wide presentation advocating for Publicis to embrace network science.


Global Disability Study: Research to support a major client in the banking industry and their ongoing partnership with the the Paralympic Games.

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Daily Activities Study: A client in the health & wellness category was interested in learning what people look forward to on a daily basis to help them position their product better. Inspired by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi’s Experience Sampling Study (Beeper Study)

Daily Activities FINAL-1.jpg

Madeleine Database: Madeleine is a database containing top-of-mind associations people have with top consumer brands. Built over two years and contains over 100,000 data points from over 10,000 people. Used across Publicis Groupe to map brand identidies

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Presidential Survey: Used to prompt survey infrastructure at Publicis New York, online survey involving hundreds of Democrats and Republicans reveal deep division in the United States and the feedback loop between consumers and the media.

Trump Madeleine FINAL-1.jpg