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My goal is to use my expertise in behavioral economics to help businesses think smarter about consumer psychology. Writing is my way of making the complex understandable. I am someone who is able to translate patterns in consumer perception and decision making into business opportunity. I believe that small and inexpensive behavioral interventions can have large effects.


I’ve written for Scientific American, Scientific American Mind, Fortune, Fast Company, TechCrunch, BPS Research Digest, and BBC Focus. I maintained a blog on and my writing has been mentioned in The New York Times. Most recently, I was the Executive Editor of, a website backed by Simon & Schuster dedicated to finding and sharing smart non-fiction books.

My intellectual heroes are Daniel Kahneman, Nassim Taleb, and Michel de Montaigne, but the most important lesson I’ve learned from them is to think critically–and for myself.

You can find out more about my professional career on my Linkedin page.

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My email is: SamMcNerney [at] gmail [dot] com.