Longer average life spans are weakening the health care system but strengthening the divorce lawyer industry.

Being disliked is worse than being disliked and envied.

The difference between eating healthy and dieting is that those who talk about dieting tend to be unhealthy.

The opposite of early success is someone in their mid-20s complaining about their interns.

Someone who pays large sums of money to visit the gym is perhaps physical strong but certainly emotionally weak.

If you’ve bought a self-help book on how to be more productive, switch professions.

If you benefit from procrastination, you’ve found your calling. Conversely, if you feel guilty for procrastinating, that’s your soul telling you to find a new profession.

Modernity contains a number of hidden inconsistencies; my friends pay for gym memberships and wonder how I manage to live in a 4th floor walk-up.

One Response to “Aphorisms”

  1. Sam McNerney

    If you feel guilty for procrastinating, find a new profession. Success is benefiting from procrastination.

    The test of success is when you benefit from procrastination.